Why are my press-on nails not lasting 😔

Why are my press-on nails not lasting 😔

AB press-on nails are top tier because they last up to 2-3weeks. We get multiple reviews from our ABBABES daily!



Now if you are experiencing issues with your press-on nails falling off after just a few days then something is wrong! Below are a few reasons on why that may be the case.

  1. Poor preparation: Press-on nails require a clean and dry surface to adhere properly. If you apply them on top of dirty or oily nails, they may not adhere properly and could fall off quickly.

  2. Incorrect application: It is important to follow the instructions when applying press-on nails. If they are not applied correctly, they may not adhere properly and could fall off quickly.

  3. Incorrect nail size: Press-on nails come in different sizes to fit different nail shapes and sizes. If you choose the wrong size, they may not fit properly and could fall off quickly.

  4. Exposure to water: Press-on nails may not hold up well when exposed to water for extended periods. It is best to avoid prolonged exposure to water or to wear gloves when doing activities that involve water.

  5. Nail biting or picking: If you have a habit of biting or picking at your nails, the press-on nails may not last long as they may be more prone to falling off.

  6. Low-quality press-on nails: The quality of press-on nails can vary greatly. If you are using low-quality nails, they may not adhere as well and may not last as long. This why we encourage you to try our high quality press-on designed to ensure they stay on! 

To ensure that your press-on nails last as long as possible, make sure to properly prepare your nails, follow the instructions for application, choose the correct size, and avoid prolonged exposure to water. Additionally, consider investing in high-quality press-on nails like AB press-ons for a longer-lasting manicure.

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